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Instantly sort and deliver photos to all guests

Saves the time and effort involved in sharing photos

Properly utilise the money spent on photography

Make your event special, unique and memorable

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How does Kwikpic work?

step 1

Put an iPad/tablet at the exit gate of the event. Open “www.kwikpic.in” on the web browser. Click on the camera icon at the top-right corner.

step 2

The guests are required to click a selfie using the tablet and enter their e-mail id or Whatsapp number. The selfies and details are stored in a data file.

step 3

After the event, the photographer is required to share the photos using Google Drive. Kwikpic matches the uploaded photos with the selfies in the data file and segregates everyone’s individual pictures using facial recognition and AI and directly delivers it to them via e-mail or Whatsapp.

What our customers say!


Easy and quick, would surely recommend

I had an amazing experience with Kwikpic. Things got a lot easier and quicker. I could finally relax without worrying about sorting the photos. E-mailing images to the people is just an added bonus! So many people were shocked to see images they didn’t know they were in! Would surely recommend to others.



Super convenient and extremely accurate

Kwikpic was a blessing when I had to sort through 8k photos to share with 100+ friends and family after my wedding! Not only is it super convenient, the face recognition software is extremely accurate and impressive. Highly recommend it to all newlyweds who need a quick, seamless solution to share their wedding and event photos with loved ones.



Guests were delighted to receive a customized album

Kwikpic helped us achieve one of the most difficult tasks, hassle free distribution of our event's pictures. Many of our guests were impressed by the service and felt delighted to receive a customised album of all their pics, which they can revisit in a jiff. Really thankful to the Kwikpic team for conducting the process so seamlessly.



Kwikpic is a brilliant idea!

Our wedding guests were overjoyed and surprised when they got their personal photos delivered instantly. Everyone remembers our wedding and the memories remain alive, thanks to Kwikpic!



We loved the software

Wedding guests generally keep asking about the photos and it is difficult to send the pictures to everyone. But it didn’t happen with us! Thanks to our photographer who used Kwikpic! The guests complimented our wedding and appreciated receiving their photos. People kept calling us to know about our wedding planner and photographer!



Created for You, November Edition

I was intrigued when I got to know about Kwikpic. It’s a great piece of technology and definitely bridges the gap between event photographers and attendees. We were able to deliver everyone’s picture directly to them. Our reach and publicity has increased massively and we got amazing reviews. Many more people have started recommending us because of Kwikpic’s add on service that we offer in our package!


Know more

Kwikpic Certified Program


KCP is an exclusive program to identify
and connect with the best
photographers and EMC's out there.

Use Kwikpic in 3 events.
Remove duplicate and hazy photos.
Deliver 6000 photos max, within 7 days.


1) Increase brand value and get competitve advantage
2) Free access to our technology and customers
3) Increase customer reach by 100x
4) Promotion on our website and social media
5) Cash rewards of 30-50k after every 10 events

Not able to find a Photographer?

Don't worry, we got you covered.
We have highly experienced professionals worldwide.
Photography and Videography services start from Rs 50000 per event.
All photography will be delivered to all guests within 7 days.

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Kushal Agarwal

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